armani prive haute couture paris s/s 2012

well haute couture week is in full swing and now it's with armani prive. gorgeous aymeline valade continued her rise to the top by opening the show and the beautiful frida gustavsson closed. first of all i have no idea what those head pieces are but they need to be gone asap. i also think that hair didn't do the outfits or the girls any favours. the colour palette seems to be inspired by some kind of amphibian, which seems to have be done to death these past few years. i do not like the greens at all and i feel that the whole collection would have been a lot more desirable if the colour palette was different. on the other side of things, the silhouettes of the dresses are fabulous and if you look closely at the details there is nothing really to fault. the scales in particular would have taken forever to do and i really applaud how good it looks.

all images courtesy of vogue uk.

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  1. I'm impressed and inspired with this collection. It's time for me to do "DIY" based from these dresses.

    Christina @ Mens Jeans


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