kasia jujeczka by anders edström for anOther autumn/winter 2014

model: kasia jujeczka (img)
photographer: anders edström (danielogorman)
stylist: agata belcen

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  1. Her depressing stature makes the clothes look bad.

  2. very low quality work for AnOther...

  3. The first two comments couldn't be more hopelessly dunderheaded.

    Define "bad" and "low quality." Did it ever occur to either of you that an artist may have other considerations than technical virtuosity? And that there might be precise, purposeful critical reasons for such ambivalence to craft? And that these reasons might being saying something about the inter-relationships of commerce/economics/art that confront photographers approaching such assignments? Hmmmm, give it a think.

    Anders Edström is easily among the most influential photographers of the last three decades. The idea that his work is "low quality" is just absurd.

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