how can I touch creation as a principle without reproach? : stella, rianne, edie, codie, olympia, christina, jean, misha, imaan, eleonora, vanessa, linn, jessica, lena and kati by richard bush for document #5 fall / winter 2014

models: stella tennant (viva), rianne van rompaey (viva), edie campbell (viva)
codie young (viva), olympia campbell (viva), christina carey (viva), jean campbell (viva)
misha hart (viva), imaan hammam (viva), eleonora baumann (viva), vanessa axente (viva)
linn arvidsson (viva), jessica clarke (viva), lena hardt (viva), kati nescher (viva)
photographer: richard bush
stylist: sarah richardson
hair: chi wong (julianwatson) and martin cullen (streeters)
make-up: kirstin piggott (julianwatson) and petros petrohilos (streeters)

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