miranda kerr by mario testino for vogue japan november 2014

model: miranda kerr (img)
photographer: mario testino (artpartner)
stylist: anna dello russo

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  1. If you are going to do an homage to Japan, why not use a Japanese or at least an Asian model? I am sooo tired of seeing culturally appropriated editorials which caricaturize brown people.

  2. I totally agree...
    I don't like Miranda and she's looking ridiculous.

  3. I couldn't disagree more with the above comments.

    There is something very honest about using a western / european model for these photos, especially if that is also the photographer's association.

    Certainly I realize there is something of a cultural moment for authenticity and I think that it is generally a valid argument that false fidelity in depicting other cultures can amount to chauvinism.

    But that is not to say that, as in this case for example, asian culture is only for ethnic asians or that the rest of the world should be close off to it. Imagining oneself in another's context is quite a constructive activity however naive it may be.

    Granted, there are examples of cultural appropriation with less innocent intentions; that is hardly the case here.

  4. They could have at least found a kitsuke consultant, that furisode looks awfully sloppy and the fluffy shawl screams "we had no idea how to arrange the collar and nape so we had to cover it up".
    Put it on a white model if you absolutely must, but do it properly, not like an expensive halloween costume.


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