the summer of angels: ashley smith by ali mitton for spell & the gypsy collective holiday ’14 collection!

Australian label Spell and the Gypsy Collective have released their Holiday 14’ look book ‘Summer of Angels’, with the sister duo Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Briedis once again taking to the dusty landscape of the Californian desert, this time with Texan beauty Ashley Smith (society) as their muse.  
The shoot took place in the sweltering Mojave Desert, with a run down 70s motel and diner as their playground, Spell’s latest collection has never looked so much at home. Full of bold floral, gypsy prints and creamy embroidery anglaise cotton this collection has that signature ‘pretty vs foxy’ balance that spell customers have come to love and expect, a quality that Ash Smith nails every time.  
The dream team who brought the collection to life on the day included Spell designer (and label namesake) Spell Pennefather, stylist Chloe Chippendale, veteran makeup artist Ashlee Rose and Australian photographer Ali Mitton
During the shoot Ash told the crew “I’ve grown up with bikes, I’ve been around them all my life” - and you could tell, flying down the highway on the back of the bike she looked just as at home as she does on the catwalk. 
Spell designer Spell Pennefather said of the labels latest collection... “It’s for the girl who wears white and gets it dusty as hell, wears her kimono until it’s vintage, who lives in the now (as well as in the 70s), for that road trip’n girl who can’t help but chase that long black ribbon of tarmac.... For you, we present ‘Summer of Angels’.“

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  1. sucks that it is a blatant rip off of Jason lee parry.

    1. i love this shoot! i dont think it looks anything like jlp. the americana theme has been done a thousand time but this is awesome :)

  2. i just saw a post where jason lee parry was ranting about how everyone copies him and was putting shit on the photog and spell. it just shows how insecure some people are. i love spell and their 70's vibe shoots!

  3. Why so many spread legs!

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