a stylish excess: sasha pivovarova by mario sorrenti for vogue italia february 2015

model: sasha pivovarova (img)
photographer: mario sorrenti (artpartner)
stylist: robbie spencer (intrepid)
hair: recine (wallgroup)
make-up: aaron de mey (artpartner)
manicure: alicia torello (wallgroup)

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  1. Breathtaking and refreshing! I am a Port Macquarie Photographer and I have found that these pictures demonstrate wonderful artistic imagination and these ranks right up there with the best photos I have seen lately.

  2. Love Sasha!

    Check out the baby-doll models of the early 2000s (e.g. Gemma Ward, Stam, Sasha, Snejana, etc.) who I'm missing here: Missing The Baby-Doll Squad! :)

  3. The mix of colours, geometric shapes and patterns both on the outfits and backgrounds are just splendid. The team really put together such a wonderful work!

    C A T H T I V A T E D

  4. Love it. See Anna? This is how it is done. And not those boring Us vogue editorials.


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