bella hadid and sonya gorelova by brianna capozzi for pop spring / summer 2015

models: bella hadid (img) and sonya gorelova (society)
photographer: brianna capozzi
stylist: stevie dance (home)
hair: nicolas eldin (art-dept)
make-up: fara homidi (frankreps)

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  1. My God. These pics seem taken by an amateur. Maybe that's what they were trying to do?

    1. do you really know nothing about pop magazine?

    2. Yes, I do. I have seen hundreds of editorials from Pop magazine better than this. And I have seen pics on instagram by amateurs more inspiring than this. That pic in the kitchen is awful. And number 9, what are they doing? That seems awkward and in not a good way. I like weird and I like dullness when it's well done. This is not the case.

  2. there is something incredibly beautiful and raw in this type of photography.

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