boobs: kendall jenner, malgosia bela, caroline trentini, lexi boling and trevor van uden by steven klein for love #13 spring / summer 2015

models: kendall jenner (society), malgosia bela (next)
caroline trentini (society), lexi boling (ford) and trevor van uden (soulartist)
photographer: steven klein (artpartner)
stylist: panos yiapanis (intrepid)
hair: akki shirakawa (artpartner)
manicure: honey (exposure)

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  1. Why bother with Kendall when you can use her sister who already has the fake boobs and huge ass? Is this supposed to be shocking? Because it's not, maybe a few years ago but not now.

  2. Um, no... just no

  3. Wow must have this glossy edition.

  4. lol. dirty fashion. this is suck. no ART.

  5. This is such filth! And I don't mean the theme in itself, but the way the pictures were taken and the post-processing, if you can call it that. Klein must be bored as fuck.


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