gypsiana: emma stern nielsen by jennifer stenglein for spell & the gypsy collective autumn 2015

model: emma stern nielsen    photographer: jennifer stenglein
photography assistant: maggie dylan    styling: isabella pennefather and elizabeth briedis
hair: luciana rose    make-up: gemma elaine    set design: holly mccauley

(spell & the gypsy collective)
Welcome to Gyspiana. A sun-drenched road trip compelled by wanderlust and nostalgia, a journey to Byron Bay, via 1969...    
Spell sisters Elizabeth and Isabella called on acclaimed Aussie photographer Jen Stenglein and Danish muse Emma Stern Nielsen to bring Gypsiana to life on the outskirts of their beloved town, Byron Bay
Watching the waves roll in from her kombi, using an old, crochet blanket to shelter from the sea breeze, Emma revisits an era gone by in embroidered denim and prints inspired by the humble ‘bandana’. Classic Spell, creating and capturing moments steeped in vintage inspiration, come with us to Gypsiana

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  1. She has a good face but zero ass. Having no ass is not cute!

  2. Maybe she has a nice personality.

  3. leave that cute ass alone. its perfect!


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