wild world: caroline trentini and hozier by mikael jansson for us vogue june 2015

model: caroline trentini and hozier (society)
photographer: mikael jansson (wenzelandco)
stylist: grace coddington and michael philouze (streeters)
hair: shay ashual (timhoward)
make-up: mark carrasquillo (artpartner)

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  1. Come on! I love Caroline, I really do but I'm tired of seeing her in every edition of Vogue US. This reminds me of that editorial she did with Charlie Hunnam. I don't know if it's that similar-this guy clearly is not as hot as Charlie- but at this point it seems all the same. Anna Wintour really needs to use other models beside Sasha and Caroline. And I love them, but it's too much.

  2. Anon, "that guy" is Hozier, and he's hotter than Charlie Hunnam.

  3. hozier omg!!! goddam!! he's so hoooot!!!


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