emily, irina, rosie, bella, anna, lily, joan, barbara, chrissy and doutzen by mert and marcus for w august 2015

models: emily ratajkowski (ford), irina shayk (lions), rosie huntington-whiteley (img)
bella hadid (img), anna ewers (women), lily aldridge (img), joan smalls (img)
barbara palvin (img), chrissy teigen (img) and doutzen kroes (dna)
photographer: mert and marcus (artpartner)
stylist: edward enninful (artandcommerce)
hair: jimmy paul (susanpric)
make-up: yadim (artpartner)
manicure: michelle saunders

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  1. Great posing in arty place!

  2. Horrible pics. I think even Playboy magazine would find these pics too tacky to publish. I'm not prude and I don't mind at all to see nude models, I like many editorials from Lui magazine, but it has to be done well and even if they want to do something vulgar on purpose, again it has to be done well. It's clearly not the case here, imo. Not even Anna can make me like this. Though some of these models fit great here.

  3. Oh my, I really like Mert & Marcus, let's hope this is a one shot and not a glimpse of a new phase - horrible editorial. I know, W Mag got a kick outta somewhat controversial shootings, but this is just bad.

  4. I would never have guessed Doutzen was the model in the last pic. What is this?

  5. I must get this gorgeous W magazine.

  6. meh gimmicky and not in a good way ...tryin waaaaay too hard.... it doesn't feel like these girls are in charge of their own sexuality, looks more like they are desperately trying to get the dude's attention...like - look, my ass is in the air, don't you wanna fk me? I always felt sorry for girls like that ....I'm actually embarrassed for them.

  7. In my opinion only Joan looks fashion here. The rest look brothel - what have they done to them? And let's not pretend it's 'fun' or 'art'. This is plain BAD.

  8. ^^^ I agree with all of the above comments. It's just trashy.


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