lily donaldson by hans feurer for vogue brasil 'miami supplement' july 2015

model: lily donaldson (img)
photographer: hans feurer (awerther)
stylist: yasmine sterea (jedroot)
hair: ward stegerhoek (calliste)
make-up: fredrik stambro (streeters)

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  1. Feurer. BORNIG!

  2. I love Hans Feurer but this is not working here. Lily usually looks the same in every pic I see of her and that awful styling-looks the same in every pic-is not helping her at all.

  3. This is really awful and repetitive.

  4. seriously... its bad enough boys wear their pants below their underwear (blech). Even the suggestion that girls do it too scares the fashion right out of me. Maybe this is supposed to be funny? ha ha haah


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