natalie by jessica aleece for bo & luca 'cassiopeia' collection!

model: natalie sole
photographer: jessica aleece
art direction: shannon pittman (bo & luca)
hair and make-up: brie stevenson

“There is something so spellbinding about the magic of the night – celestial, otherworldly, mysterious, inherently glamourous and intensely elegant, perhaps it’s the innately romantic idea that in the dark there is so much light and femininity to be discovered. 
Eternally inspired not to play it safe, to tell stories rather than follow tradition, for my latest collection Cassiopeia, I felt compelled to create beautiful pieces of unimaginable quality (complete with signature couture finishes and delicate embellishment) that spoke to the untamed beauty of the night and the free soul of the Bo & Luca brand.” – Shannon Pittman

Drawing inspiration from the Goddess of Greek Mythology who boasted about her unrivalled beauty and referencing the constellation of stars in the northern sky, the ethereal, celestial-inspired collection is the realisation of an undying vision to bring an entirely unique approach to bridal design. Ultimately creating pieces that are free of expectations and overplayed silhouettes, but rather celebrate the soulful story of the Bo & Luca bride. 

Like each collection that has come before it, Cassiopeia is poetically underpinned by emotion and feeling. Twelve new pieces bring to life the story of woman free of fear, worldly, cultured, well-travelled, a little mysterious and impossibly alluring. The spirit that is the Bo & Luca women can be felt in each new piece. In its unexpected yet entirely effortless silhouette, its whimsical movement and its luxurious hand embellishment and embroidery work.

Pieces from the Cassiopeia collection will be available at Bo & Luca flagship boutiques from August 24.

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