karlie kloss by mario testino for vogue china october 2015

model: karlie kloss (img)
photographer: mario testino (artpartner)
stylist: anastasia barbieri (artpartner)
manicure: trish lomax (jedroot)

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  1. She is a true model. She should have been on that Vogue Paris cover with Gisele and Kate.

  2. Karlie is so horrible. Why they still trying to show us as a sexy model? she's not. Her expressions are not natural, her face is not beauty, and shes also a terrible catwalker.

  3. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate ... :D
    I love Karlie so much!

  4. Oh.....how could anyone say such awful things about Karlie! She's a lovely girl.
    So talented and successful too. One hardly notices her extra toe.


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