into the air: lexi, binx, julia, hanne, lineisy, harleth, alice + more by fabien baron for interview october 2015

starring: lexi boling (img), binx walton (next), julia nobis (dna), jamie bochert (lions)
fei fei sun (women), greta varlese (society), grace hartzel (next), avery blanchard (img)
gaspar noé, tami williams (elite), hanne gaby odiele (img), willow hand (lions)
josephine le tutour (society), marjan jonkman (one), cuba tornado scott (women)
gage of the boone, kaia gerber (img), jeremy matos (red), steph smith (women)
lineisy montero (next), alexander barna (request), hugo goldhoorn (fusion)
madison leyes (elite), julia cumming (marilyn), lida fox (next), lili sumner (next)
jaime ross (img), harleth kuusik (society), alice metza (society), marley chapman (request)
grace coddington and miles langford (newyorkmodels)
photographer: fabien baron
stylist: karl templer (streeters)
hair: duffy (streeters), shay ashual (artpartner), garren, guido (artandcommerce)
make-up: mark carrasquillo (artpartner) and susie sobol (julianwatson)

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