novel romance: lara stone and freja beha erichsen by peter lindbergh for w november 2015

models: lara stone (img) and freja beha erichsen (img)
photographer: peter lindbergh (2b)
stylist: sarah richardson (maximfma)
hair: odile gilbert (exposure)
make-up: karim rahman

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  1. Oh my God it's truly beautiful ! Chloé campaign next level :)

  2. It has everything for me to like it: a favourite photographer, two great models and that title "novel romance"? It should be perfect but it isn't, it lacks something maybe romanticism, maybe melancholy. And Lara doesn't look good here, except for pic #8.

  3. finally a shoot where Lara looks great !

  4. The idea of writing romance novel of that plot would be really interesting, also adding those photos would be phenomenal. The whole idea of that plot is something unusual and could be even some kind of best seller, something like . Also another great idea would be publish the romance novel and then perform the movie.

  5. There is so much fantastic productions here but am I the only person bothered here by the fact that so many photographs published in the biggest magazines have completely screwed composition? Like they can't even keep the horizon straight or tilted proportionately...


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