youth: estella, damaris, cayley, jamilla, ruth, isis, annika + many more by mert & marcus for vogue italia october 2015

models: estella boersma (dna), connor newall (milk), sofia fanego (next), lily stewart (monster)
erik van gils (elite), aidan walsh (tomorrowisanotherday), agnes nieske (women), finnlay davis (elite)
soekie gravenhorst (whynot), stella lucia (monster), marjan jonkman (mp)
damaris goddrie (monster), max doone (milk), laura hagested (scoop), rob mardanov, 
cam kerekes (lions), cayley king (img), mitchell slaggert (dna), lucas jayden satherley (img)
ross stechman, grace booth (select), alessio pozzi (elite), jamilla hoogenboom (women)
sophie hirschfelder (women), jonas boons (fm), filip hrivnak (ilovemodels)
steph smith (women), mae telkamp (supreme), silvester van der mark (dmanagement)
ruth bell (elite), paige stevens (img), isis battaglia (thelab) and annika krijt (elite)
photographer: mert and marcus (artpartner)
stylists: katy england (intrepid), max pearmain (replimited), marie chaix (artpartner)
semra russell, panos yiapanis (intrepid)
hair: paul hanlon (julianwatson) and akki (artpartner)
hair colorist: ben gregory
make-up: yadim (artpartner), lucia pieroni (streeters) and lisa eldridge (premier)
set design: gerard santos, david white (streeters) and andrea stanley (streeters)
casting: piergiorgio del moro and samuel scheinman

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  1. Does not speak to me in any way ... very disappointing.

  2. there is no coherence in this series. and the yellow-green tint in 2 of them is horrid

  3. why does it have to be coherent? its interesting that its so diverse. lets continue to celebrate photography and individuals rather than sameness

  4. Lots of white people ... where is diversity ?

  5. 65 pages... what in the world?


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