dream state: kendall jenner by mert & marcus for us vogue december 2015

model: kendall jenner (society)
photographer: mert & marcus (artpartner)
stylist: grace coddington
hair: shay ashual (artpartner)
make-up: lisa eldridge

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  1. I thought this was Tim Walker but he would have done a better job. This is terrible, terrible. I can't believe Anna thinks this is good for Vogue US. And Kendall? Please stay on the runways, your editorial work is bad really bad. What happened to Anna?

  2. Could she be any stiffer? The 3rd image is kind of painful.

  3. like the shoot hate the model...shes an average looking girl ive seen girls walking down the street that suit high fashion more than her

  4. Aside from wardrobe and hair & make up, theres nothing really interesting in these images. Plus the story is also one of the oldest in the book only its been visually changed and designed, but thats about it. Vogue is slacking.

  5. Oh, well, just another mediocre editorial with Kendall. Is it just me or does she look the same in every one she did so far? She's doing a fair job runway-wise, but please get more comfortable in front of the cameras, girl! She's so awkward in a way it's making me feel awkward too. I mean a lot of models are beginning with awkward editorials, but usually getting better with every new one. I just don't see any development with Kendall, I'm sorry. And I'm really really trying to like her with all the fuzz Karl makes about her and stuff, but it's really really hard.


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