gigi hadid by steven meisel for vogue italia november 2015

model: gigi hadid (img)
photographer: steven meisel (artandcommerce)
stylist: carlyne cerf de dudzeele
hair: guido palau (artandcommerce)
make-up: pat mcgrath (streeters)

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  1. This is good but that fake tan and those wigs on a white girl really bothers me. Why don't use a model like Liya Kebede or Aya Jones instead? There are thousands of jobs for girls like Gigi but if they are going to style her like a black woman then there is no hope for black models.

    1. I totally agree with you. When will these people stop being so offensive!

    2. What led me to this page was pinterst because i typed in "powerful editorial" She popped up in over half of the pinterst page. I saw it and i had to look twice. I thought i was mistaking about her being dressed in an Afro with a tan as a black woman. So i decided to follow the breadcrumbs to make sure i was not mistaken or being offended by nothing. I came here and i was right. I thought i was the only one offended until i saw the comments. Like someone above said. When will they stop


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