period pieces: caroline trentini by jamie hawkesworth for us vogue december 2015

model: caroline trentini (society)
photographer: jamie hawkesworth (mapltd)
stylist: grace coddington
hair: didier malige (artpartner)
make-up: hannah murray (artandcommerce)
manicure: rica romain (lmc)

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  1. Bland, insipid, anemic pics. I'm so tired of seeing Caroline in Vogue US. Anna loves her like no other model. Wake me up when there is a Vogue US without Caroline, Kendall, Gigi, Karlie. I prefer Vogue Paris and its repetitive group of models: Lara, Daria and Kate. At least those models are legends.

  2. what? I adore Caroline as Anna W. She is a fantastic and beautiful model. Haters gonna hate.

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  4. Love her but Anna really needs to use other models.


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