les douze coups de minuit: lara, jourdan, toni, mariacarla, anja, isabeli, edita, malgosia, carolyn, natasha, amber and daria by luigi & iango for lui december / january 15.16

models: lara stone (img), jourdan dunn (women), toni garrn (society), mariacarla boscono (women)
anja rubik (img), isabeli fontana (women), edita vilkeviciute (dna)
malgosia bela (society), carolyn murphy (img), natasha poly (women)
amber valletta (img) and daria strokous (women)
photographer: luigi & iango (streeters)
stylist: deborah afshani (wallgroup)
hair: luigi murenu (streeters)
make-up: virginia young (dandv) and georgi sandev (streeters)
manicure: naomi yasuda (streeters), sophy a, honey (exposure)
chloe desmarchelier (atomo) and sandrine bo

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  1. Even if they aren't my favourites models, Natasha and Malgosia look incredible here. I love Natasha's cover. Sadly there is too much photoshop. What's the point of having legends like Carolyn and Amber if you're going to make them look like they're twenty again? Where are the different bodies and skin? They all look the same. I didn't even recognize Isabeli here.

  2. Admin there are 5 pics of Edita Vilkeviciute and you forgot to credit her?

  3. Difficult if not impossible to comment on pictures each of them expressing the kind of communication the artist and her/his model had. If the comment simply states the beholder's likes and dislikes, then it is void and useless. The difficulty resides with evaluation, and this presupposes many things that cannot be revealed by simply looking at the model's pictures. One needs aesthetic conversation. Only this can possibly end-up with something more rigid than just a statement of taste.

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