guinevere van seenus, frankie rayder, angel rutledge, jamie bochert and willow hand by ezra petronio for flair #21 spring / summer 2016

models: guinevere van seenus (lions), frankie rayder (lions)
angel rutledge (lions), jamie bochert (lions) and willow hand (lions)
photographer: ezra petronio (lalaland)
stylist: sissy vian (managementartists)
hair: pierpaolo lai (julianwatson)

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  1. The shoot has an interesting concept, I feel like it just wasn't executed very well

  2. Agree ^^ also, why only cool white models?

  3. Bochert.......face like a horse. Why make a racial issue of this? If these models were all black and a white person commented "why no white girls?" That would be considered racist..


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