aurora: victoria germyn by wade edward for temple of the sun jewellery byron bay!

model: victoria germyn (img)
photographer: wade edward
stylist: marisa sidoti

In ancient Roman mythology, Aurora is the goddess of the dawn, renewing herself every morning to fly across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun... and since time immemorial we have exalted that journey of our closest star across the sky with reverence. Aurum the Latin word for gold, is derived from her name, and so the color of gold was always associated with the brilliance of the Sun...Our golden Sun, that lights our days, warms our seas and gives life to all and everything on this sweet earth. Worshiped in temples countless... across cultures.. across the globe and throughout time. This collection is a homage to the feminine.. to the powerful priestesses, those keepers of the light that held power and presence in many of those sacred spaces.  

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