hollie may saker and maja salamon by glen luchford for charles & keith fall / winter 2016

models: hollie may saker (trump) and maja salamon (next)
photographer: glen luchford (artpartner)
hair: shay ashual (artpartner)
make-up: aaron de mey (artpartner)

Shot by Glen Luchford, CHARLES & KEITH FALL 2016 pays attention to the carefree yet curious stage of one’s youth – a period which celebrates vibrancy, freedom, impulsiveness and creativity. Taking inspiration from the notorious youth cultures of the 60’s through 90’s, the campaign crafts a story of 2 girls in an unoccupied mansion that has seen more glorious days. 
The issue explores the coming of age in different personalities and time period, encapsulating moods that loosen us from our rigid view of the world around us. While animation is not only restricted to children, bona fide style icon Rigel Davis shares her anime muse and more. 
Colours are put together unexpectedly for a playground for the senses, where contrasts complement one another seamlessly, in updated aesthetics ranging from fur block heels to combat boots with kitten heels, booties and mary-janes. 
The unconventional classic carries a sense of eccentricity and richness that narrates ideas and innovations between old and the new with stand-out details such as oversized buckles, ribbons, pom pom, fur, tassels and embellishments. 
The costume Jewellery collection also introduces a series of earring, empowering aesthetics of strong shapes and gem-stones are introduced as a personification of the femme fatale displaying a new sense of confidence and strength. 

watch the campaign video (here)

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  1. Hollie is so beautiful.


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