candice swanepoel by adam franzino for vogue spain july 2016

model: candice swanepoel (img)
photographer: adam franzino
stylist: inge fonteyne (art-dept)
hair: rebekah forecast (wallgroup)
make-up: carolina gonzalez (photoop)

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  1. So what is it they are selling us? Usually magazine spreads with models tend to try and sell us products so I am still not sure what it is that is being sold here? I only see one t-shirt, the rest of her is just naked in every shot. As beautiful as she is, its a little over kill to have every shot of her naked....

  2. Yeah this is an interesting spread, doesn't really feel like "fashion" magazine material. Two thumbs down.

  3. Well ... is that an advertising campaign for Candice? - if so, well done, she looks amazing in every shot. Or was there a point that I missed? Either way, I'm not buying VOGUE to look at a naked girl, sorry.

  4. What are they selling? Is there a point I missed? Can't anyone just appreciate beautiful photos any more without them having some commercial aim behind them?

  5. Yes, this is pretty cool. I don't see the product either but it could just be therapeutic art + editorial style

  6. If you are a new generation that has to see commercial value in veeryting, here is a list:
    Swanepoel (doesn't need selling, really, probably got paid for ths, anyway)
    Franzino (I didn't know him before, so he wins, probably also got paid)
    Vogue Spain (paid for it, probably enjoys the image this gives them)
    Spain (may gain by a bit more tourism - sure beats all the sandy beach photos)

    And maybe someone will sell a few more swimming pools in cool leafy settings ...

    upon second thought ... maybe South Africa is sponsoringt some of this - another beautiful blonde after Charlize Theron and Charlene Wittstock-Grimaldi. As a reminder, a generation ago the US had to provide the glamour factor and they had to share one lady between the jobs - Gracia Patricia Kelly-Grimaldi. Of course, now the South Africans send three, but they only senb enough clothing for two (well, one and a half, actually, since Charlize sometimes isn't fully dressed up, either :-)

  7. A mermaid turned human, part mermaid, part human. Stunning.

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